Our breed of Weimaraner is versatile

Our dogs prove their exceptional abilities in field, water work, hunting and in the show ring

Breeding top-notch Weimaraners

Thanks to the careful selection and breeding, our award-winning dogs are exceptional in the show ring, fieldwork and hunting. They earned Championships in every venue. Our main goal is to keep all the lines and features of a true Weimaraner in the dogs we breed. We are keeping the form, the feature, and the excellent hunting abilities.

It is our aim to preserve the features of the Weimaraner bloodline as fully as possible and to breed to achieve a high level of purity. It is well known that the rearing conditions have a huge affect on the dogs greatly. Thus we have created the perfect environment for our Weimaraners. Our dogs are free to move around in a 2000 sq fenced area, which has a 20 x 40 meters wide fishpond in its middle. Adjacent to the site we have an 300.000 sq forest, so if fits their need of the necessary amount of excercise and stimulation. Keeping them in a guarded area is inevitable and required for their safe and healthy development. A separate kennel with a large paddock is reserved for adolescents as for the mature dog's night sleep.

We feed our dogs with special attention. It is important for all ages to get the ingredients for their diet from reliable source. Our dogs are outstandingly obedient and very loving members of the family.

Dogs that are kept free, in ideal conditions have a stabil nervous system and can be trained more easily. These dogs conform to their families more easily. The dogs require attending on social events, attention, providence, providence which is returned with their exceptional intelligence. They are your ideal partner for walk, hunting, but they can guard the owner's house as well.

In case of inquiry about the breeding or purchase puppies, please call or contact us.